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Souffle 6oz

Souffle 6oz

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The round shape of the classic Porcelain 6oz. Souffle Dish uniformly distributes heat. Great for making a perfect souffle, featuring a round, straight-sided dish with an outset lip at the rim. The straight sides of the dish push expanding egg whites in the desired, upward direction. The outset lip at the rim reduces contact of batter to the dish, allowing your souffle to continue to rise above the rim without sticking and rising off-kilter. The dish is also ideal for a single casserole or gratin dish, or for baked custard dishes like panna cotta, creme brulee and flan. It is even the perfect size for salt, fresh minced herbs and other mise-en-place (individual prepped items) you need within easy reach of the stove.

Price: $3.00