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Luster Dust (Golden Brown)

Luster Dust (Golden Brown)

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Luster Dust gives subtle color with a high sheen metallic-like finish. They may be used alone or mixed with similar colored matte dusts to create a lustrous sheen without lightening the color. Can be brushed on dry or mixed with a drop of alcohol (vodka, lemon extract, clear vanilla, etc) to paint on cookies, icings and chocolate to give metallic details.
Contains only ingredients that are Non-Toxic. These dust contains two or more of the following: Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide, Carmine, Mica.
Not water soluble. Colors will vary slightly from actual colors due to monitor variations.
The FDA has deemed this product as Non-Toxic and edible, but not to be used as a ingredient.
2 gram jar

Price: $7.25