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Lilly Pulitzer Tumbler with Straw (Delta Gamma)

Lilly Pulitzer Tumbler with Straw (Delta Gamma)

Sorry! Due to popular demand, this product is sold out.

A reusable cold drink tumbler WITH a straw, in my favorite Lilly Pulitzer print pattern? Yipee! Yes, you can now sip and slurp with a stylish Lilly Pulitzer tumbler with straw! Keep cool in summer with your iced coffee to go, or tote your iced tea to the pool in these decorative acrylic tumblers with straw. Then keep yourself hydrated at the office or in class with these designer tumblers. BPA-, Phthalate-, and Lead-Free, 20 ounces, Acrylic tumbler with lid and straw

Price: $15.00