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Fizz Ninja

Fizz Ninja

Sorry! Due to popular demand, this product is sold out.

This Fizz Ninja is skilled in the art of Fresh Protection. His Clever pump & pour action keeps your Soda Fresher for Longer! Fizz Ninja is the first character introduction in a new line of Soda Fresh products. As the leader of the Guardians of Fizz, a secret team of Fizz Fighters, the Fizz Ninja is dedicated to protecting the fizz everywhere. Simply replace the soda cap with the Fizz Ninja cap and gently squeeze to repressurize the bottle. The unique flip-top cap allows you to pour the soda without removing the cap. It's the Fizz Ninja, Protector of Fizz! Fits most 2-liter bottles Squeeze to repressurize, flip top to pour Protect the Fizz! This is another 'Crazy, But It Works' Gadget by Jokari! Sometimes they may look a little wacky, but Jokari Gadgets are designed to surprise, delight and solve life's little annoyances. The Soda Fresh Pump & Pour preserves fizz in soft drinks, extending the life of soda. Stop Throwing Away Flat Soda!

Price: $4.00