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Holiday Cupcakes

In this two-hour class you will learn to make colorful Christmas trees, vivid red poinsettias, and frosty snowmen….to name just a few of the festive treats we will learn to make to add to your holiday gatherings!


12 cupcakes un-iced

Box or container to transport cupcakes

7 Disposable Decorating Bags

5 Couplers


1 – #12 Round Tip

2 – #352 Leaf Tip

1 – #21 Star Tip

1 – #18 Star Tip

2 – #3 Round Tip

1 – large round tip (Ateco – PNL-15)

1 – Large Open Star Tip

Metal spatula to spread icing

Apron (optional)

Paper Towels or wash cloth (optional)

Plastic bag to transport dirty utensils

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