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Fondant & Gum Paste Flowers (Topeka)

Fondant/Gum Paste II -Gum Paste Flowers – 2 hours (suggested that you take the beginning fondant class or have prior experience)
  • Gum Paste Rose, Calla Lily, Carnation, and Brush Embroidery
Supplies needed:
1# of gum paste
small container of shortening
Rose cutter set (Wilton)
Round cutter set (Wilton),
Calla Lily Cutter Set (wilton),
paint brush,
apron (optional),
something to take flowers home in
Thick/Thin shaping foam (wilton or similar),
ziploc or similar baggies (2 or 3),
Veining tool and the ball tool,
#2 tip
decorating bag
a rolling pin
a plastic fondant mat (something to roll your gum paste out on),
a small knife or tapered spatula or something to make small cuts in the gum paste



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