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How to make miniature fondant flowers

Mix egg yellow food coloring gel paste with a small bit of fondant. This amount made about 30 flowers.

Knead between fingers until is evenly worked in.

Roll fondant out into a thin sheet about 1/8″ thick or less. A small silicone covered child sized rolling pin worked great! I used a tiny amount of powdered sugar or cornstarch to prevent sticking to the table.

Use a small daisy cookie cuter or a special daisy fondant cutting tool to cut the fondant. Place the cutter on the fondant. Press the base (not the plunger) of the cutter firmly into the fondant. With the cutter touching the table slightly slide the cutter and fondant together back and forth across the table to make sure you have a sharp cut and the fondant is not sticking to the table. Now, while still firmly pressing the base of the cutter into the fondant, push the plunger firmly into the fondant, this makes the center of the flower raised. Lift up the entire cutter and use the plunger to remove the flower.

Take piping gel and make a dot on the center of each flower.

Place the flower face down into brown sanding sugar to make the centers. Pick up and brush away any extra granules and push stray granules to the center.

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