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Printable Treat Sacks

Our little paper sacks in kraft and white work great to send through the printer to make custom little favor bags.

We used the kraft sacks to make these vintage looking trick or treat favor bags.

First, download the printable. Place the side you want printed face down in the printer tray with bottom of sack going in first. On my printer I can choose 5 X 8 postcard on the printing menu. I then move the bar over on the printing tray until it is next to the edge of the sacks, and print away. If this doesn’t work for your printer, print the download on a place piece of copy paper. This shows you the placement on a regular piece of paper and you can tape the sack onto the paper with blue painter’s tape and run the paper through the printer. For a picture tutorial on this technique please go here.

Printable Trick or Treat Favor Sack Download

If you are using these sacks for cookies or baked goods, the fat can sometimes discolor the sacks. If this is the case, you can line the paper sacks with glassine bags. They fit just inside the paper sacks and will keep the paper sacks nice.

We hope you enjoy!

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