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Best of the Bundt Book

Best of the Bundt Book

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A collection of recipes for America's most famous cake pan.
The Bundt® pan holds a permanent place in the hearts of American bakers more than 60 years after its introduction. Simply dusted with confectioners’ sugar or drizzled with a delicious glaze, the Bundt cake is reminiscent of gatherings, family traditions and special occasions. Few desserts come out of the oven to consistently product the “wow” effect of a Bundt cake and nothing captures the spirit of homemade baking better. This collection includes over 35 classics, award-winning and never-before-published recipes, each with its own color photo. The book also includes a selection of glazes and sauces that make a wonderful addition to any Bundt cake. You’ll also learn the secrets to baking a perfect Bundt time after time in the Hints & Tips section.

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